• DIY project – how to refinish the kitchen cabinets?

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    Installing the kitchen cabinets is kind of one big ticket expense that cannot be done frequently. However, by taking the DIY project of refinishing your cabinets can easily spice up your kitchen interiors. Here are two articles for your consideration given by the renowned authors of ehow.com.

    Refinishing cabinets — as opposed to painting or refacing — is a laborious, messy, and fussy job. But if you have some well-built, solid-wood cabinets that you’d like to restore rather than cover up or make over, a good old-fashioned refinishing is the way to go. The project is much like refinishing any wood furniture: Strip the old finish, sand the wood down to its original state, and finish it with a stain and protective topcoat or just a clear coat for more natural colouring.



    1. Label each cabinet door and its location on the cabinet box with pieces of masking tape and corresponding letters or numbers to avoid problems when reinstalling the doors. Do the same with all of the drawer fronts. If you’ll reuse hinges, label all of them, too, including their positions on the doors. Read more

    This is quite an idea that I am sure most of the homeowners will prefer due to its cost effectiveness and easy to implement. However, if you are interested in staining your kitchen cabinets in black then following information might interest you.

    Besides its rich appearance, black is a well-suited color for kitchen cabinets because it complements a wide variety of decorative themes. It is essential to properly prepare the wood for even coverage. Staining older wood cabinets black that have been previously finished requires removal of the original finish. For new, unfinished cabinets, begin by sanding and conditioning the wood.

    1. Remove the knobs, handles and hinges. Remove the doors and drawers, and set them up in a separate … Read more

    Consider these simple and budget ideas to add some elegance to your old and weary kitchen cabinets.

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