• Amazing ideas to Design your own Kitchen Cabinet

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    kitchen cabinetWhat design do you recommend for you kitchen? Would you like to customize your cabinetry?  Everyone plans to have designable kitchen cabinets for their house. Whether you are constructing a new cabinetry for your kitchen or remodelling it to match the interior décor. There are beautiful handles, knobs, hinges and lights that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

     Instructions to build a designable kitchen cabinetry

    If you want to design your own cabinets and spend the money on upgrading to better materials and extras – then read on for some advice to get you started HERE

    1. The first thing you need to do is plan your cabinets, plan your cabinets, and plan your cabinets – did you catch that you HAVE TO PLAN. You cannot just start building cabinets. Designing and building kitchen cabinets takes a lot of time and consideration to do it right.
    2. If you are working with a new empty and open room, this helps, but most of us will be starting with a kitchen already full of cabinets – so we have to take all of the measurements available, and even draw a quick diagram of how the room is configured right now to help plan for the layout of utilities.
    3. Get a piece of grid paper (paper with boxed on it), and do a quick drawing of the room as it is configured now. You do not have to get fancy with your drawing, just create a clean, 2-D aerial view. Draw the perimeter of your room (will probably be a square), and then Pretend you are a spider on the ceiling looking down.
    4.  Mark the location of base cabinets and ceiling cabinets, the refrigerator, sink, oven and stove, windows and doors (remember to mark the direction the doors swing or slide). Try to measure these as best as you can to scale.
    5. Get a measuring tape and measure the length of the base cabinets, the appliances, and the overall area that the cabinets take up. Do the same for the ceiling cabinets. When using the grid paper, make each box equal to one foot.

    While designing kitchen layout do not forget to leave space for pots, pans and area of work for yourself. Make your kitchen cabinets designs the best and luxurious. An organized place will make your work more simpler and easier.

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